Generation One: Chapter Nine

“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!” I clenched my stomach as I felt myself go into labour. This time was worse than the first! As I continued my painful scream I heard footsteps getting louder with each step and crying from the room next door.

“Charlie? Are you ok?” Michael shouted through the now chaotic house. He opened the door and jumped with shock and a girlish shriek. He never was good with births – I knew how he felt. I was breathing heavily by now and managed to pant out two words:

“Hospital…” I panted, “now…” I panted again.

After 8 hours we were blessed with the most beautiful thing on the planet. A baby. But not just one baby – two babies! Two! I had twins! Two perfect little girls.

Meet Mia.

And meet Fae.

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Generation One: Chapter Eight

Spoiler sneak peak pic!

The next hectic several months consisted only of two things for me; work and the wedding. One minute I was sketching a pair of designer boxers, another I was being attacked with measuring tapes by over-enthusiastic wedding dress fitters. Along the way Michael and I were told by the Doctor that we were going to become parents! That, I must admit, was a shock to both of us. I thought I had just eaten some dodgy salmon again…

However, although it was a surprise, it was a very welcomed one. We were overwhelmed, excited, ecstatic – the list goes on! The baby was due only 2 weeks after our wedding date which meant we weren’t going to be flying to Tuscany for our honeymoon as previously planned. I would have been so big by then we wouldn’t even have needed a plane, I could easily have transported Michael and I there with my hot air balloon-like baby bump.
Instead, we rented out a quaint, romantic beach house down by the – you guessed it – beach. We knew it wasn’t going to be the most action-packed honeymoon but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that we were there together, and that was enough for us to have the best time of our lives. As long as we had each other we knew it was going to be a blast. And it certainly was.

After all my hard work of planning, picking between very similar shades of ivory, tasting several fruit cakes and quadruple checking everything I just have to tell you all about the big day itself…

I glanced at the calendar with sleepy eyes; today was the day. Today was the 16th of April. Today was my wedding day. My heart lurched in my throat and a mixture of excitement and nerves bubbled up inside of me. I could feel faint flaps of butterfly wings beating against the inside of my stomach. They felt so real! Then I realised the reason they felt real was because they sort of were – my baby was kicking! I rolled to my side in bed to tell Michael when I remembered he wasn’t there. We had decided to not see each other on our wedding day before the ceremony which meant that I had slept alone last night. Well, not quite alone, I had my baby with me. I didn’t know whether I would be giving birth to a boy or a girl, we wanted to make it a surprise. During my pregnancy, I discovered that it is very hard to think up baby names. I wanted something unique, memorable and beautiful. I’m not even going to list some of the embarrassing names Michael and I thought up. Those names should only be known to the two of us – I would not want anyone to have nightmares. Yes, that’s how bad they were. I was sure it was a little boy inside of me, whereas Michael thought it was a girl. Apparently he could “tell by the kicking pattern”. I could just feel it in my bones. You know, mother’s instinct. My alarm sprang to life and right on cue my mother burst in the room.

“Good morning, bride-to-be!” she trilled happily as she opened the white lace curtains, exposing me to the sunlight. “Did you sleep well?” she grinned at me, looking like the Cheshire cat’s twin. Honestly I’m glad I was pregnant or I’m afraid she might have smothered me with a “it’s your wedding day” hug.

“Pretty well, thanks.” I replied.

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Generation One: Chapter Seven

It must have been work wearing me down. I thought that I of all people could manage, but the exhausted face in the mirror staring back at me proved otherwise. What was happening to me? My mouth was drier than my mother’s sense of humour and my eyes were more sunk than any shipwreck. Michael was at work and I was at home having taken a few days off for a rest. To try and get my energy back. To sleep. It had been a few days already; I was exactly the same – worse in fact!

After slowly dragging myself through to the bed I threw up a small pool of potato and leek soup, carrots and raisins. Why is there always raisins in vomit? I looked down upon my, eh… my gift to the world and all of a sudden there were two. My head was spinning and I realised that all around me objects were doubling. I could see two beds, two wardrobes, two windows – two everything! My whole world was crumbling, it was as if a tornado had scooped me up into its wrath. I tripped over a floor lamp and fell fast into the brick-hard wall. The lamp smashed to the ground with a crash while another sound followed which was so unnerving, so unimaginable, so revolting that it could only have been the sound of human flesh meeting with a cold stone floor.

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Generation One: Chapter Six

The recurring dreams of Michael’s face stopped. Yet I still saw his flawless features, carved by angels, every morning when I woke up next to him. Yes, we had moved in together. I’m not going to lie – the recent “Summer Swimwear” collection had awarded BUTCH with a lot more attention from the public and press, meaning a lot more money for me! I was shocked when I saw the increase on my monthly payslip, but Mr Butch assured me there was no error. No one had accidentally added an extra digit here or there.

Michael and I were finding it hard to decide whose house to move in to; they both had their own advantages and disadvantages. My rickety old house was bigger than Michael’s flat, but it was old and on the outskirts of town. Michael’s flat was a little smaller, but much more modern and stylish. After an extremely long and cold cup of coffee we finally decided to move into a new place altogether! We could definitely afford it and it felt so exhilarating – it was a new beginning for Michael and I together.

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