Generation One: Chapter Four

After the little incident with Tom and the brunette I was sure we had forgiven each other. I had totally over-reacted and Tom had tried his best to cheer me up again throughout the day. We went out together for our lunch break where he treated me to a giant strawberry milkshake garnished with whipped cream and a real strawberry – my favourite!

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Generation One: Chapter Three

Ever since Tom gave me his number I couldn’t stop texting him. He is such a charmer and all his messages were covered with kisses.

Tom was the bright light that had scooped me out of the very dark place I was in just a day before, and I was glad. Not only had he filled my heart with love, but he had given me hope career-wise too. Yes, today is the day that I am meeting with the highest designer (and founder) in BUTCH to show my work to in hope of being rewarded with a job. And guess what?

I can’t wait.

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Gen One: Chapter Two

Click. Steam flew up past my thirsty throat and my nostrils inhaled the sweet smell of Earl Grey tea rising from the kettle’s spout. Tea was the only thing that got me by these days, ever since that disaster of an interview. I tried not to let it bother me, but it was hard knowing that my previous idol had rejected me.

Extreme shock, stress, perspiration and bawling had caused me to gradually dehydrate and faint. That’s why I now depend on tea; I never want that to happen again. When I woke and saw the pills by my side I was terrified that I had taken some, but the bottle was full and I felt fine.


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Gen One: Chapter One

I am amazing. I am brilliant. I am fashionable. Well, that’s what I kept telling myself before I moved to this crummy place, before my mother kicked me out.

“Too many late nights and not enough school grades.” she used to say, but I’ll show her.

I’ll prove to her that I can be the fashionista she never was. My life is going to be the exact opposite of her flop of a career – if you can even call it that. I may not have a lot of money and I may live in an old shack, but I have confidence and commitment – two of the most important qualities to have in the fashion world. I am amazing, brilliant and fashionable because I am Charlie Diamond.

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