I’m back!

Hello there!

I arrived home after my exchange trip to Sardinia on Sunday night. I’ve had a terrible cold though so I’m sorry to be posting so late.

My surprise didn’t work haha – computers *rollseyes*. But you will still get to see it, so look out for that soon!

How are you all :)?

See you soon!

Nutty x


Updates 13/10/12

Hello there,

Chapter 9 of generation one is being written as we speak!

It should be uploaded within the next couple of days :). Hopefully, another chapter will be posted before the 21st October which is when I go to Sardinia for a week on a sort of exchange trip with my school.

What will the next chapter include? I’ll leave you with this rather cryptic clue:

ABBA hydrates bindis

Sounds like what comes out after a round of Chinese Whispers doesn’t it?!

Nutty x