Hello there!

My name is Nutty (a.k.a nuttychick123) and I am the writer of this legacy. I’m a very friendly person who has a particular interest in cats, anything edible, archery and – of course – sims and writing!

For around ten months I wrote for the fantastic sims-related Sensation Magazine which, unfortunately, is now closed. “The Diamond Legacy” was a recurring article in the magazine and now that Sensation is closed I am introducing all the sims in this legacy to the big wide world of WordPress. No longer can they hide amongst the familiar pages of Sensation.

I do hope you take a look around the blog and perhaps read some chapters. You never know – you may actually like it! Just click on “Chapter Index” up in the page bar to select a chapter to read. Or, to read the most recent chapter, simply click on the image in the sidebar on the homepage :).


If you’d like to learn even more about me and my simming activities including pose making, modelling and general awesomeness (I am so modest) take a look at my general sims blog at my nest!

Please feel free to ask any questions – I don’t bite, unless you are food. But food can’t type, so you’re safe. If you notice any errors/mistakes in my writing – let me know! I like to improve all the time and even if it’s just a tiny thing like a typo I like to change it. I’m fussy like that :P.

– Nutty x


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