Generation One: Chapter Nine

“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!” I clenched my stomach as I felt myself go into labour. This time was worse than the first! As I continued my painful scream I heard footsteps getting louder with each step and crying from the room next door.

“Charlie? Are you ok?” Michael shouted through the now chaotic house. He opened the door and jumped with shock and a girlish shriek. He never was good with births – I knew how he felt. I was breathing heavily by now and managed to pant out two words:

“Hospital…” I panted, “now…” I panted again.

After 8 hours we were blessed with the most beautiful thing on the planet. A baby. But not just one baby – two babies! Two! I had twins! Two perfect little girls.

Meet Mia.

And meet Fae.

Both girls were gorgeous. Their sweet smiles could melt anyone’s heart – especially mine. They were even adorable when crying; their tears sparkling like diamonds.

Back home Christian (who was a toddler now) was a little confused at the two new members of our family. He was also puzzled because my baby bump had gone, or as he put it:

“Mummy, where your tummy gone?” he asked, a little shocked.

Doesn’t he look adorable in that bunny outfit?! I love it so much that there’s a picture hanging on our living room wall of it:

I hope he doesn’t make me take it down when he’s older!

After Christian realised mummy was perfectly healthy and still had a tummy he began to take more interest in his two little sisters.

“You’re a big brother now, Christian.” I smiled.

“I’m a big boy now mummy.” he giggled.

Like my new haircut? Sophistication is what I was going for ;).

I couldn’t believe he was a toddler already. His red hair had sprouted rapidly and he was a great talker. He could run for president – he was that good! And I guess it would help if he actually knew what a president was…

He was so confident around people and enjoyed all the cooing and admiration from little old ladies we met during walks in the park.

This man just stared at him for ages… I was a little creeped out to be honest!

However he could turn into quite a little rascal. I still remember that day in the park where he decided to drop his ice cream on the ground when it was nearly finished just so he could get another one! I almost gave in to his puppy-dog eyes but luckily his hypnotic gaze was broken by a sugar-craving wasp that just couldn’t resist the gloop of strawberry mess. Unfortunately Christian’s attention seeking cries annoyed this wasp, and it wasn’t long before he was stung by the angry insect. Now he’s petrified of wasps and bees. On the plus side, he doesn’t try his infamous ice-cream dropping trick anymore!


I looked around. Blue balloons swamped the room, rising up from the floor and hanging from the ceiling like an icy cave of stalactites and stalagmites. I was a little overwhelmed but it was what Christian had wanted.

“Blue and balloons.” Those were his specifications so that’s what we did. It was his birthday after all. It was the twins’ too, but as they were babies they could only gurgle in agreement to their big brother’s enthusiastic words. Christian had also asked if we could bring a unicorn to the party. Daddy (I love calling Michael that!) had to tell him that the store was all out of unicorns. We decided it was too early to shatter his world of Santa/tooth fairy/easter bunny/unicorns etc.

First up to the kiwi, strawberry, orange and chocolate flavoured cake (Christian’s choice again) was Christian. I lifted him up to the cake, noting he was getting a bit too heavy for piggy backs, and we blew out the candles together.

“Make a wish.” I told him. He closed his eyes tightly and opened them again with a smile on his face. Suddenly my little baby was no longer my little baby – he was a child. And what a handsome child he was!

Author Interjection: Ooft.

Over were the days of potty pooping for Christian. As most mothers do, I would guess, I began to wonder what path in life my son would take. Would he become a world-famous juggler touring Starlight Shores or maybe a life-saving fireman to the civilians of his hometown? And that’s another thing – where would he live? Would he stay here in Maple Plains? There were so many things to worry about. While pregnant, I was convinced I was going to be a cool mum. However, now I’m not totally sure…

Getting back on topic; Mia and Fae both blew out their candles at the same time. Well Michael and I blew their candles out at the same time while Mia and Fae watched us from our arms. Time had flown by but I was glad I could still call them my baby girls. They were the most adorable twins I had ever seen! Determined to keep them that age for as long as I was able to, I had co-ordinated their outfits. By “co-ordinated” I mean “completely matched with a capital C and M”. I just couldn’t resist!

L – R: Fae, Mia

Like their professional photo we commissioned?

Christian, naturally, wanted to spend some father-son time with his dad which left me to look after our daughters. It was such a beautiful evening so I decided to take them to the nearby children’s park. However there was a problem: my fabulous idea of a double buggy had not yet been invented. A double buggy?!, I hear you cry. It’s rather simple. It’s a buggy (or pram) with two seats so that one parent can take two children out at once. Ingenious isn’t it! Since that was not going to be an option any time soon I invited my mother out with us. She was waving goodbye to Michael and Christian as they wandered out into the big city. I wondered where they were headed *cough* ice cream van *cough*.

Of course my mother joined the girls and I. I knew she would take any opportunity she could to be with her grandchildren.

Perhaps it was because she misunderstood me as a teenager and didn’t want to make that mistake again. At least we wouldn’t have to pay for a babysitter. Although we probably could have afforded it if I’m honest.

I was doing fabulously at work; I even had my own studio! It was at home and I could see luscious green grass right from my desk: love at first sight. I perfectly timed it too seeing as I was on maternity leave for the twins. I still nipped into BUTCH from time to time during maternity leave and I brought the twins in too. Everyone adored my girls and I received Eiffel Tower sized piles of “It’s twins!” cards and matching outfits. I had also started making clothes myself for Mia and Fae which they seemed to like a lot!

The two weren’t identical twins and you could definitely tell them apart – they were practically opposites! Mia was a replica of me; blue eyes and bright red hair. On the other hand, Fae was a mini Michael; dazzling golden eyes like her dad and brother and chocolate brown locks. Personality wise, Mia was very sociable and loud – she could cry for Maple Plains! On the other hand, Fae was quiet and enjoyed playing with toys instead of talking. She did talk of course and loved nothing better than a snuggle with mummy or daddy.

Why yes! That is our wedding photo on the wall! How nice of you to notice.

Christian had warmed to both of his sisters but for different reasons. If he was bursting with energy, but Michael and I were too busy to play, he would have a chat and a giggle with Mia. Fae wasn’t left out, she listened intently, taking all their words in. Christian had gotten into magic tracks and regularly put on performances for his two little sisters. His tricks didn’t always go to plan and Mia was sure to point his faults out. She was fairly blunt for a toddler but she always made you laugh. However Fae just clapped with a huge grin on her face whether Christian was pulling out a coin from behind her ear or failing at trying to.

I’m thinking of making these bunny suits a tradition – they’re just too cute!! Our three children really were the most charming set of siblings. They never fought, or if they did they could laugh it off like old friends do. They were simply always smiling and if they cried any more it was tears of happiness. It was such a big change in my life. I had given birth to these beautiful gems. They seemed so… together. Together forever as Iris and I used to say! We was so cool back then bruv. Innit. I actually used to talk like that.

I had never had a brother or sister and sometimes while “reading” on the sofa I would listen, curiously and intently, to the stories my children told and listened to. The songs they sang together and the magic tricks they all laughed at – together.

Author Interjection:

More babies!! I hope you liked this chapter and I hope you like the new additions to the Diamond family :). Do you have a favourite ;)? Who knows what the trio will get up to next? You’ll just have to wait and see…

I am going away this Sunday (21st) until next Friday (26th) to Sardinia (Italy) for an exchange trip with my school which means no new chapters until after that. Sad times. I will post when I return however, which could be Saturday morning as I get back quite late on the Friday.

There may, however, be a little surprise while I’m away.. So keep checking the blog! Or subscribe by e-mail, that way you won’t have to keep checking back for updates :).



Oh and if you would like to download the two pieces of cc (custom content) I made for this chapter (the wedding photo and Christian as a bunny photo) you can by following these links:

Christian Diamond Bunny Bodyshot

Generation One Wedding Photo

Both are .package files :).


Buongiorno! (I think that’s Italian for good day/bye – I better get practicing for Sunday!)

Nutty x


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