Generation One: Chapter Eight

Spoiler sneak peak pic!

The next hectic several months consisted only of two things for me; work and the wedding. One minute I was sketching a pair of designer boxers, another I was being attacked with measuring tapes by over-enthusiastic wedding dress fitters. Along the way Michael and I were told by the Doctor that we were going to become parents! That, I must admit, was a shock to both of us. I thought I had just eaten some dodgy salmon again…

However, although it was a surprise, it was a very welcomed one. We were overwhelmed, excited, ecstatic – the list goes on! The baby was due only 2 weeks after our wedding date which meant we weren’t going to be flying to Tuscany for our honeymoon as previously planned. I would have been so big by then we wouldn’t even have needed a plane, I could easily have transported Michael and I there with my hot air balloon-like baby bump.
Instead, we rented out a quaint, romantic beach house down by the – you guessed it – beach. We knew it wasn’t going to be the most action-packed honeymoon but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that we were there together, and that was enough for us to have the best time of our lives. As long as we had each other we knew it was going to be a blast. And it certainly was.

After all my hard work of planning, picking between very similar shades of ivory, tasting several fruit cakes and quadruple checking everything I just have to tell you all about the big day itself…

I glanced at the calendar with sleepy eyes; today was the day. Today was the 16th of April. Today was my wedding day. My heart lurched in my throat and a mixture of excitement and nerves bubbled up inside of me. I could feel faint flaps of butterfly wings beating against the inside of my stomach. They felt so real! Then I realised the reason they felt real was because they sort of were – my baby was kicking! I rolled to my side in bed to tell Michael when I remembered he wasn’t there. We had decided to not see each other on our wedding day before the ceremony which meant that I had slept alone last night. Well, not quite alone, I had my baby with me. I didn’t know whether I would be giving birth to a boy or a girl, we wanted to make it a surprise. During my pregnancy, I discovered that it is very hard to think up baby names. I wanted something unique, memorable and beautiful. I’m not even going to list some of the embarrassing names Michael and I thought up. Those names should only be known to the two of us – I would not want anyone to have nightmares. Yes, that’s how bad they were. I was sure it was a little boy inside of me, whereas Michael thought it was a girl. Apparently he could “tell by the kicking pattern”. I could just feel it in my bones. You know, mother’s instinct. My alarm sprang to life and right on cue my mother burst in the room.

“Good morning, bride-to-be!” she trilled happily as she opened the white lace curtains, exposing me to the sunlight. “Did you sleep well?” she grinned at me, looking like the Cheshire cat’s twin. Honestly I’m glad I was pregnant or I’m afraid she might have smothered me with a “it’s your wedding day” hug.

“Pretty well, thanks.” I replied.

I was so glad that I had become friendly with my mother again so she could be there at my wedding. I don’t think either of us could have forgiven ourselves if we hadn’t regained contact and made up before that day. And if it wasn’t for Michael I probably wouldn’t have made up with her, then again, I wouldn’t be getting married either, but still. After eating a healthy breakfast prepared by none other than my mother (poet and I didn’t even know it), showering with a luxurious vanilla body wash, scrub and lotion set it was time to really “get ready”. That meant a dress fitter arrived for the final touches of my now maternity wedding dress. It was basically the same as the original dress I had my eye on but with some adjustments to compensate for the bump. I did my makeup myself, sporting a radiant “I just woke up looking like a goddess” look while my favourite hair dresser styled and did just about everything else you can imagine to my red locks. The finishing touch was my veil. The white material gently floated down the back of my neck, softer than a feather.

Then my mother began to cry, which made me cry too. I was offered a tissue by my dress fitter to carefully dab away the tears.

“That was close, my eyeliner almost smudged!” I joked, which made my mother laugh. She rubbed at her eyes and smiled at me. It looked like she was going to say something when all of a sudden the door burst open and my best friend, Iris, gasped at the sight of me.

“Charlie!” she screamed with joy.

“Iris!” I smiled widely with what felt like all my teeth on show.

“You look ah-may-zing! You look fab-u-lous!” she threw her arms around me in a warm embrace.

“Careful, Iris, you might crease her dress.” I heard my mother say. I had almost forgotten she was there. Iris let go of me and turned around to inspect my mother. They hadn’t exactly been best friends when I was a teenager. Iris wasn’t the best influence I have to admit – but I still loved her; that’s why she was my bridesmaid. And she had definitely changed and grown up a lot since then, although the bit that hadn’t changed was the flirtatious party animal aspect.

“Mrs Diamond,” she said, “it is so nice to see you again. You are looking fantastic for your age, do you work out?” My mother wasn’t one for flattery, but Iris was brilliant and so convincing at giving it that straight away they were chatting like long lost friends. Which they were, I guess, apart from the “friends” part.


My heart was dancing to music with an incredibly fast beat inside my chest as I waited behind the large doors with my mother and Iris. Of course, as my father had left our family without a word he wasn’t there. That’s why my mother would be walking me up the aisle, with Iris behind in her satin purple dress – she looked gorgeous. A sharp pain ran through my body. I had been having contractions for the past four days but I was determined to go through with my wedding. The doors began to open and I glanced back at Iris who smiled encouragingly. I slipped my arm through my mother’s and relaxed my tight grip on my choking bouquet as the pain from my contraction began to fade. Music began to play, the classic “Here Comes the Bride”, as the three of us walked up the aisle. Luckily no one fell over. All the guests’ heads turned with loving smiles as they took in my beauty. I’m not going to lie – I was looking pretty beautiful that day. Plus it was my day (and Michael’s) so why shouldn’t I be allowed to brag about my appearance?! You can’t stop me! Muahaha! Anyway, as we reached Michael and the priest I smiled at him, a smile full of joy and love. Smiling at Michael that is, I wasn’t flirting with the priest or anything… We stood opposite each other and although I was trying to listen to all of the priest’s words I kept getting lost in my groom’s eyes. God, they were a stunning colour.

Fortunately I managed to break away long enough to say my vows and listen to Michael’s. I don’t want to bore you with all the details but I was pretty proud of my speech. I wrote it all by myself. My mum tried to help me but I gently declined. Luckily she didn’t take offence and understood that I wanted to do it myself to make it more special. I thought my reference to Michael’s old haircut was especially comical although not all of the guests seemed to agree. When exchanging rings we both repeated after the priest:

“I give you this ring as a symbol of my commitment to you. It has no beginning and it has no end. May its presence on your hand always remind you of my eternal love.” The rings shone on our fingers – it felt marvellous. To truly make us newlyweds the priest finished with the well-known,

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” We took each other gracefully by the hands and leant in for a kiss to seal our marriage. I swear sparks flew. I felt all tingly inside. Just as we broke off from each other’s lips (unfortunately) I heard a “pop” noise. Suddenly an endless amount of water gushed out from me, ruining my wedding dress might I say! As the liquid splashed onto the floor all the guests were standing up and gasping. My water had broken. That meant the baby was coming. That meant I had to get to the hospital straight away! It’s such a blur now but I do remember sitting in the car panicking as Michael drove me to the hospital. The water just wouldn’t stop coming. More and more kept flowing out of me. I left a trail of liquid as we sped walk to the hospital doors from the car where I was quickly whisked away into a room with a nurse by my side – and Michael of course. Four hours later Michael and I were proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, Christian. Why did we choose that name? Well, it seemed fitting considering we were in a church when I went into labour. Plus, it was a handsome name and as soon as I looked into his gorgeous golden eyes the name flashed in my head like fireworks. Michael loved the name too, although he was shocked at him being a boy, because “according to his kicking pattern he should be a girl.” He makes me laugh. I can’t yet tell who Christian looks most like, but he definitely has his dad’s eyes, and my fiery red hair. Welcome to the Diamond family, Christian!

Author Interjection:

Wow that was one long chapter wasn’t it x], well it did include a wedding and a baby.

This is the last chapter of the Diamond Legacy that featured in Sensation Magazine which means that all the upcoming chapters will be new new new!!! 😀

I have a strong feeling the format will change a little. There may not be as much text, or more pictures separating the text.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making each generation slightly different for example: one generation could be a wishacy, while another could be sort of like a musicacy. What do you think? You’re the reader so I would love to hear your opinion. Don’t be shy – leave a comment :)!

p.s. do you like the new design of the blog :)?

Nutty x


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