Generation One: Chapter Five

Today is the day. Today is the day that everyone at BUTCH has been anticipating since last year. Hours of brainstorming, sketching, designing and creating to the tiniest of details will all be shown through BUTCH’s “Summer Swimwear” collection. The runway, with sky blue brick walls and sandy floors, screamed summer! However the outfits that would be revealed to the public and press would draw everyone’s attention away from the scenic background and to the stunning ensembles themselves.


I stared at myself in the long bedroom mirror. Looking back at me was a successful, beautiful and simply amazing fashion designer! A smile crept upon my made-up face and a fiery sparkle appeared in my eyes.

Shimmery blue material caressed my body while two large gems elegantly dangled from my earlobes. My hair lay perfectly and as I stepped outside to the black car waiting for me I spotted the astonished look on my personal assistant’s face. He hastily exited the car to hold the door open for my mesmerizing beauty. Smiling, I glided onto the leather seats as Michael whispered,

“You look beautiful, Charlie.”

“Thanks,” I smiled, “so do you.” His face turned red and I laughed. He slid in next to me and the car began to drive off with the exciting roar of the engine.

The car door opened and I stepped out into the warm summer air. Instantly I was blinded by flashes from the lively press, all eager to get a shot of the newest addition to the BUTCH design team. From behind the red rope barriers the crowd were shouting,

“What’s it like to be a fashion designer?” and “I love you Charlie!”. Dazed, I stood there for a moment taking it all in. I had no idea that I was this popular and well-known. It seemed as if my dream had come true already – life could not get any better. A hand lightly rested on my bare back, interrupting my daydream with its cool touch. Michael confidently walked up to the entrance by my side; he looked ecstatic.

His gold eyes were smiling along with his lips as we strolled along together. The noise of the crowd vanished as the double doors closed behind us. We found ourselves in a narrow but long corridor with black walls and grey floor tiles. Lights on the ceiling illuminated Michael’s muscular features and made my sparkly dress shimmer even more! My heart was thumping in my chest – I was so nervous about the show!

“You have nothing to worry about – everyone will love your work” Michael said. His voice seemed calm and confident which soothed my nerves – a bit. Gulping, I nodded at him and we walked into the large room ahead which was full of bustling people. Ladies and men were standing chatting and laughing, all looking very excited. Camera flashes disappeared just as quickly as they came while the catwalk dominated the room. A plump man wearing a tuxedo hurried over to us and shook my hand vigorously.

“Mr Butch! It looks amazing already, I can’t wait for the show to begin!” I exclaimed.

“Me neither! You look stunning Charlie and you look very smart too Michael. I must say I am sorry to hear about what happened between you and Tom. However, the show must go on!” he grinned at me again and was then carried away in a flurry of press.

Making our way backstage I spotted Tom carrying his camera. He caught my eye and, quickly, I glanced away. I could feel him staring but thankfully we were whisked away to triple check on the outfits and models. After a final viewing of all my and the design team’s hard work, Michael, the other designers and I made our way to front row seats.

Mr Butch plodded onto the runway from back stage as the lights dimmed and the audience silenced. Suddenly lights along the runway lit up one after another leading up to where Mr Butch now stood. I peeked at Michael one last time for a confidence boost and then focused my attention on the show.

I was going to remember this event forever. I would never forget my first collection, and even though other designers worked for it too mine definitely stood out. Perhaps that was a little biased but I didn’t mind; this was my chance in the spotlight and I was going to enjoy it as much as I could. After Mr Butch’s welcome speech he disappeared and music began to play. Fast-paced techno filled the room as sexy male models made their way onto the runway.

The amount of camera flashes increased with every outfit. I glanced at the opposite row of the audience to see their reaction and most seemed pleasantly surprised. As a tanned model wearing a pair of dazzling trunks appeared on the catwalk Michael leaned over and whispered to me,

“That’s my favourite of yours,” I smiled and was about to say thanks but suddenly I was blinded from a white flash. A person from the press must have taken a shot of me straight in the eyes. “Charlie, are you ok?” Michael asked worriedly as I flinched from the bright light.

“Yeah, there are so many cameras!” I laughed and Michael relaxed. It was only then that I noticed he had his arm around the back of my chair.


“The show was amazing Charlie, you should be really proud.” Michael praised me as we stood at my front door.

“Thanks for walking me home, Michael.” I smiled innocently and pulled him into a friendly hug. I just couldn’t get over how good he smelt!

“Well I’d better be going, still have work in the morning”, he said, as he reluctantly released me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, goodbye Michael.” He nodded and slinked off into the night.


The collection had been a fantastic hit with everyone! I was absolutely ecstatic! I had been so nervous before the show but all those nerves were history now. My career seemed to be getting better and better. It was all so exciting – fame and fortune had come at the same time.

The next morning I decided to walk to work and noticed people staring at me more than usual. I just smiled to myself knowing that they must have loved my designs. As I entered the BUTCH building I expected people to be congratulating me when they saw me but no one said anything. A few people glanced over but quickly broke eye contact. I was a little curious and worried as to why this was happening – surely they should all love me and be worshipping my glorious talent? Well maybe that was a little too far but I didn’t expect this kind of treatment! I scurried into my office and crept up on Michael who had his back to me.

“Boo!” I screamed.

Michael yelped and turned around hastily. He looked even more terrified when he saw it was me, he hesitated then quickly left the room. I heard a laugh behind me as I watched Michael hurry away. I wondered what was up with him. The man who had laughed was a fellow designer, Terry. He was a friendly guy but his humour could sometimes be a little controversial.

“What is up with everyone this morning?” I asked, a little annoyed.

“Well I presume they read the newspaper.” He answered, smiling knowingly. I stared at him, looking puzzled.

“What newspaper?” I replied.

“You haven’t read it? Look for yourself.” He pointed over to my desk where a headline read “CHARLIE DIAMOND AND HER ‘PERSONAL’ ASSISTANT” with a subtitle of “Just how personal is this supposedly work relationship?”. I gasped as my eyes were drawn to a picture of Michael and I at the runway last night; he was leaning over to me and it looked like we were engaging in an extremely passionate kiss with his arm around the back of my chair.

I groaned.

“That must have been that flash that blinded me,” I sighed. Terry laughed again, “we didn’t actually kiss you know, he was just talking to me.”

“Sure, I believe you”, he said sarcastically. As I continued to read the article I noticed that the writing underneath the photograph read “Photographer: Tom Hermann”. I gasped again as I read that familiar name. It was Tom, Tom had been angry at me for breaking up with him and this was his way of revenge. Well, I decided to make sure he got what was coming to him. I stormed out of the room and ran trying to find Tom with the newspaper still held tightly in my hand. I marched up to him and a startled look crossed his face when I confronted him.

“Chill babe, just doing my job”, he said, trying to act cool.

“Don’t you call me babe. You better not do anything like this ever again, ok?” I whispered, frustrated.

“Sure thing,” he replied as I began to walk out the room again, “babe.” I turned to glare at him for a second then continued on my way out. As I reached the door I bumped into someone – it was Michael. He looked up at me timidly and just stood there, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Staring into his eyes I recognised something. I couldn’t quite pick out what it was but suddenly it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Those captivating gold eyes, that flawless tanned skin – Michael, my personal assistant, was the man of my dreams – literally! He was definitely the stranger who had emerged from the darkness in my recurring dream. He was definitely the man who appeared when my life seemed hopeless, he helped me to see the brighter side of life. He was always there for me whenever I needed him and I knew from then that he always would be. With no hesitation I threw my arms around his neck embracing him tightly. I heard some gasps from behind and felt Michael tense at first but then he relaxed, taking me in his arms. I lifted my head off his shoulder and gave him a long and sensual kiss.

I couldn’t believe the man of my dreams had been right in front of me all this time and I had kept him in the “friend zone”. I was so joyful that I forgot about everything else in the world, I forgot about my cheating ex-boyfriend standing right behind me and I forgot about all my colleagues staring at us. I only paid attention to the person that really mattered to me – Michael.

Author Interjection:

Tom may have thought he got his revenge but I think Charlie is the real winner here, do you? 😉

Will Charlie and Michael have babies, grow old together and count each other’s wrinkles? Maybe Charlie will meet someone else… Maybe Michael isn’t what he seems to be – just like Tom. Who knows? Men are complicated creatures – especially sim men.

Nutty x


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